Photos of Social Action Projects in Vietnam
These photos are taken during the March-April 2006 trip
(Previous years photos are available upon request)

Project to Support the Poor and Honor Students

There are many school children in Vietnam that came from poor families.  They are often malnutrition and do not have enough clothes to wear.  In addition, some children cannot even attend school everyday, because they have to work as street vendors to help support their families.  These school children are very eager to go to school, but they need a lot of help and support.  With your monetary contribution, we would be able to provide to these needed school children scholarships, books, and clothing to help improve their living condition.  The children would be able to focus in school and better their learning skills to build a bright future for themselves.


A total of 112 honor and poor students at Binh Hoa Phuoc School in Vinh Long province, South Vietnam received our support in scholarships, books and clothing

80 children of Trương Định elementary school also received gifts in scholarships and clothing

40 children of Nguyen Chi Thanh elementary school received scholarships and clothing