Photos at the Winter 2008 English Buddhist Classes

from Dec 13, 2007 to Mar 6, 2008
in South Arlington, Virginia


Course Syllabus

Class 1: Introduction to Buddhism - Dec 13, 2007

The Historical Buddha
The Buddha’s Oral Teaching
The Reciting and Recording of the Buddha’s Teaching by the Buddhist Councils
The Buddhist Canon
The Two Traditions of Buddhism
Suggested Discussion Topics

Class 2:  The Teachings of the Buddha – Jan 3, 2008

Best Ways to Learn the Buddha’s Teachings
Discourse on Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma
The Four Noble Truths
The Middle Path
The Noble Eightfold Path
The Mahayana Sutras
Suggested Discussion Topic and Homework

Class 3:  The Teachings of The Buddha (Cont.) – Jan 24, 2008

The Two Truths
The Three Dharma Seals
The Law of Cause and Effect
The Path of a Buddhist
The Three Jewels
The Five Mindfulness Training
The New Practioners in the West
Suggested Discussion Topic and Homework

Class 4:  The Practice of Mindfulness Meditation- Feb 14, 2008

The Schools of Mindfulness Meditation
Our Practices
The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness
The Sutra on the Full Awareness Breathing
Suggested Discussion Topic and Homework

Class 5:  Mindfulness Meditation in the 21st Century – Mar 6, 2008

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation
Daily Practices
Practice with a Community
Practice in a retreat


A few minutes of sitting meditation at the beginning of the class


In a warm and friendly atmosphere, we gather for 2 hours every few weeks to learn about the wisdom of the Buddha's teaching