Sinh Thuc Meditation retreats and workshops are taught by the teacher council consisting of the Resident teachers and the Visiting teachers.  These are experienced mindfulness meditation teachers of many years.  As meditation practitioners, members of the teacher council continue to study and practice to deepen their understanding and loving kindness.
Resident Teachers

Hai H. Nguyen ( is a Mindfulness meditation teacher in the Zen tradition.  In 1981, he co-founded Sinh Thức Mindful Living Society, a non-profit meditation organization in Northern Virginia.  He was ordained as a Zen Buddhist Minister in 2001 by Rev. Thich Tinh Tu, the abbot of Kim Son Monastery on Mount Madonna in Northern California.  Since 1991, Hai regularly led meditation retreats,  Buddhist training, non-religious mindfulness meditation workshops, and meditation sitting groups in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California.  He taught at Saint Leo University in Norfolk, Virginia and regularly teaches mindfulness meditation at the Northern Virginia Community College.  With many years of experience in teaching the 2,500 year old Eastern meditation practice, Hai is able to present the teaching in easy to understand method and recommends practices that can be practically integrated into today’s busy life.
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Hieu Nguyen is a well known Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation writer and a lay Mindfulness meditation teacher in North America.  He has published many books in the tradition of Vipassana and Zen meditation.  He has translated and written many wonderful books on meditation.  Many of his books has been re-printed and published in Viet Nam.  Hieu is an authorized meditation teacher by venerable Thích Tịnh Từ, the abbot of Kim Son monastery in Northern California.  He actively leads various mindfulness meditation retreats, gives dharma talks at Buddhist Day of Mindfulness, and writes books.


Visiting Teachers


Rev. Thich Tinh Tu is a very respected Vietnamese Buddhist monk in North America.  He is the abbot of Kim Son monastery located on Mount Madonna in Northern California.  The monastery has a permanent community of monks and nuns and offer year round programs for both the monastic and lay people. 

Hang Tam is a well known Taichi and Chi Kung teacher in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.  Since 1998, she has regularly taught at many location in Virginia and Maryland.  She has trained intensively and received medals from many competitions
  - Silver and Gold Medals from 2002 International Festival of Chinese Martial Arts
      in Rouen, France
  - Gold Medal from 2000 Wong Martial Arts International Competition in
     Washington DC
  - Gold Medal from 1998 Baltimore Martial Arts International Competition in
      Baltimore, Maryland