All of the audio CD are recording of Hai Nguyen's talk at various mindfulness meditation retreats and classes.  The talks are normally from 40 to 60 minutes long.  Hai Nguyen is a lay Buddhist priest in the Vietnamese Zen tradition.  His work and teaching are offered free of charge based on the thousands of year old Buddhist tradition.  For those that can contribute financially, a donation of $15 per CD is suggested to cover the costs of making the CD and to support  Hai's work in sharing the meditation teaching.  Thank you.  Please also include the shipping fee of $2 per CD.  For those that are not financially capable, all we need is the shipping cost to mail the CD to you. 

Please make your check out to Sinh Thuc and put "Audio CD" on the memo of the check and send it to Sinh Thuc Meditation Center P.O. Box 1223, Herndon, VA 20172.  Please include the CD #, title, quantity, your shipping address, phone # and email address (if available).  The CD will normally be mailed to you within a week after receiving your order.  For additional information, please call the main office at (703) 787-3377 or email to


The Path of Understanding and Love

CD33 - 46 minutes

In our life if we do not truly understand, we cannot really love.  We may have good intention, but without looking deeply, we may end up unintentionally cause more harm than good.  To bring about harmony, reconciliation, and healing within, we have to first understand.  To develop deep understanding, we need to practice looking at all living beings with the eyes of compassion and indiscrimination.  And once we understand, we cannot help but love.  This dharma talk was given at a non-religious workshop in the winter of 2006 in Reston, Virginia.

The Art of Transformation

CD34 - 44 minutes

In our busy lives, we often struggle in dealing with the difficulties of life.  If we don’t know how to stay balanced, we can become quite stressed and discouraged.  Mindfulness meditation is a 2,500 years old practice that is more than just about being present.  It is a deep practice that brings both body and mind together in the present moment, so that we can truly experience life as it is.  Life is filled with challenges, but life is also filled with wonders.  To only experience difficulties is not enough.  We must also learn to be in touch with peace and joy which are present in every moment.  However, in our busy lives, we forget how to be in touch with these wonderful and nurturing energies.  This dharma talk was given at a weekend meditation retreat in the Fall of 2007 at Sinh Thuc Meditation Center in Wardensville, West Virginia.


Guided Mindfulness Meditation


Daily sitting is the foundation of Mindfulness meditation.  If you are having a difficult time to sit every day, this CD may help.  The CD presents two guided meditation on the breath and the sound as the primary object of meditation.  Practioner can select and play individual track on the CD during the sitting and follow the direction given on each sound track to practice, just like you are sitting in a meditation retreat listening and practicing with the guiding teacher.  The first track is 15 minutes long on Breath meditation.  The second track is 30 minutes long on Sound meditation.  The guided meditation were recorded at a multi-days retreat in the Fall of 2003 in Richmond, VA.

This is The Only Moment

CD36 - 42 minutes

Each moment in life is very unique.  They are quite precious.  Once the moment has passed, it would never happen again.  In life, we could not afford to not fully present with each moment of our life.  When we are present with mind and body, we can be in touch with this moment and be able to experience that this moment is really wonderful.  And this moment is the only moment we have to live.  This dharma talk was given at a mindfulness meditation retreat in the Spring of 2009 at Sinh Thuc Meditation Center in Wardensville, West Virginia.